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Mission efficiency
Elbit Systems has recently unveiled its new Intelligence Management Center (IMC) for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The new center, already ordered by several customers around the world, enables management of UAS operational activities, training and simulating.
The management center allows improved intelligence flow. Mission instructions are sent by the commander directly to the UAS operators and video intelligence is displayed simultaneously on the mission station screens and at the management center, in both two and three-dimensions.
All data received from the UAS can be used by the ground forces' C4I systems. Elbit Systems' Intelligence Management Center is based on the Company's vast operational experience accumulated by the system's developers, who have served as commanders in the Israel Defense Forces, as well as the accumulated experience of the Company's programs serving leading defence forces around the world.
Efficient and user-friendly, the system offers simple "drag and drop" human engineering features.
The UAS management center's forte is its ability to provide the mission commander with data received by all deployed sensors. The mission commander is provided an overall picture, received from the various sources of intelligence gathering, displaying alternative scenarios, as well as aerial and ground platform mission assignments, for improved overall mission efficiency.