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News Briefs: IAI, Alpha Design Technologies in UAV deal for India           Uruguay receives mobile border surveillance system          Japan Successfully Launches New Spy Satellite          Northrop Grumman wins British government cyber-security work          Lockheed Martin introduced sensor system that can track and target multiple targets in radar-denied environments          Northrop Grumman Supports Successful Propulsion System Rocket Engine Test          Astrium delivers microwave radiometer for the Sentinel-3A satellite          Russia Retires Faulty Glonass-M Satellite          Russia, US to protect satellite navigation systems at UN level          Satellite Services supplies on-board sub-systems for smallsats and microsats          Patriot and Sentinel Capabilities Incorporated Into Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System          Lockheed Martin's Aegis BMD System Completes Highest Target Intercept Yet          Raytheon completes critical design review for GPS OCX software          Third Advanced EHF Satellite Will Enhance Resiliency of Military Communications          Boeing Offers Improved Cybersecurity Training and Simulation Tool           Britain recruiting cyber-warriors          Japan, US to discuss strengthening cyber-security          
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Role of ISR in warfare

The saturation of multispectral beams and increasing presence of electromagnetic radiations in the modern battlefield can be handy on one hand but it can create massive interference which ma

Reusable space vehicle

Since the dawn of the space age heralded by the historic launch of Soviet Sputnik way back in October 1957, there has been a growing focus on not only reducing the cost of access to space bu

Satellites for NCW

Network Centric Warfare (NCW) strategy, which in recent years, has emerged as a major force multiplier in the battlefield operations, draws advantage from the real time sharing of quali

Evolving technology and PGMs

A miss is as good as a mile. The Indian Air Force will probe the reasons for the failure of two of its precision guided munitions-the runway busting US-made Paveway air-to-surface missile an

Nano satellites

Like the budget carriers shaping the future of airlines industry, the light weight, cost effective nano satellites are all poised to become a highly affordable facet of space exploration, wh

Human mission to Mars

Though buffeted by a dwindling fund allocation and a declining political and public support, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of US has initiated work on buildingSpace La


ISR-cum-AWACS technology

With the introduction of space based modern technological platforms, militaries are looking for instant and around the clock information superhighways which can lead them to analyze exact nature of threat and fast counter response to neutralize the enemy. In this regard, the principal function of the intelligence, surveillance

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Cyber warfare capabilities

Since there is a growing dependence on satellites for maintaining daily life and to conduct a modern war, the opponents are creating a powerful tool to counter by employing hacking technologies which can reduce everything to a standstill within seconds. It is becoming increasingly evident that any future war between modern militaries would be

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Developing network centric warfare

Creating a information superhighway in the midst of the battlefield is really a challenging task but with the advent of new technologies the hyper bandwidth data flow can knock down the opponent within hours of hostility with an approach: no kill but all stop. The overall objective is to generate capability

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Reusable space vehicle

Since the dawn of the space age heralded by the historic launch of Soviet Sputnik way back in October 1957, there has been a growing focus on not only reducing the cost of access to space but also making space journey a routine affair. For one, the once only used, expendable space boosters currently deployed for orbital missions

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Cover Story

Situational awareness

The ancient art of warfare has now evolved into a sophisticated battlefield strategy based on the large scale use of fighting platforms and combat equipment stuffed with advanced electronic systems and devices capable of “seeing and sensing devices” beyond the “visual  range”.
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ISR advanced technology

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) are central to the conduct of warfare both in attack and defence. India has over the past two decade bought all kinds of sensors (airborne and land based) to try and im

Setting aerospace command

The decision to set up an aerospace command is moving at a snail’s pace. As a first step towards the creation of an aerospace command the Indian Ministry of Defence has decided to set up an aerospace agency,


Nanotechnology promises to bring revolutionary changes in many areas, with the potential for great benefits. Nanotechnology (NT) is predicted to produce revolutionary changes, bringing far-reaching consequences in m

Indigenous AWACS

India is set to upgrade its indigenous airborne early warning and control systems (AEW&C) aircraft to the larger airborne warning and command system (AWACS) based on a western platform. Hitherto it has used the R